Trader_ 2_ Trader

Hello Traders,

I Love Trading Markets, assigning money, risk to a trade and all its analysis and implications. I´m not perfect and intend not to be. I believe that any person has the ability to learn, put to practice and learn from there P/L, and become better. Trader2Trader is a humble journey to share valuable tips that can add value to Your trading . My idea is to share what is relevant to our trading decisions….

Good luck in your trading and always use Stops !

Greetings from Mexico City,

“We have all been beaten-down  &

Rewarded for our Positions

in the Markets….

…… Learning is our Weapon

Experience is our Aim,

Watch the Invisible Hand Give & Take,

War it is,

Art it paints,

Price it is,

Information it ends,

The Beautiful  Machine”  Dimitri Feria

Currency Trader,  Swing/Position , Precious Metals Investor

-“Do your Homework & put your Money where your Mouth is & Always Use Stops! – International Speaker – Mexico City 

Twitter – @Mex_Fx_Trader Email: dimitri.feria@gmail.com Linkedin: Profile

One Comment on “About”

  1. Melhina Magaña says:

    Excelent, congratulations 4 you!!!

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