What Type of Trader are you? ONLY choose one… TYPE A or TYPE B…

Hi Traders,

I salute all the fx, bond, crypto and other instrument traders!!!

But lets be honest, when it come to Volatility in markets, how does one as a Trader React.

I have put up a very simple but effective Trader Test for Volatilty Management with these two videos.

The idea is simple…. Watch both 1 minute youtube clip and decide what type of trader you are….

Are you…. TRADER TYPE “A” ?

Nice video, hehehehe, OR Are you Trader Type B…..



What do you feel after watching the clips?

What Type of Trader are you?

Personally, I was a hard-core Trader Type A and im happy to say im more boring hehehhe, Trader Type B…

Tell me what you think?

What type of Trader are you under Volatility?

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Best of luck and See you at the Pits,