What Type of Trader are you? ONLY choose one… TYPE A or TYPE B…

Hi Traders,

I salute all the fx, bond, crypto and other instrument traders!!!

But lets be honest, when it come to Volatility in markets, how does one as a Trader React.

I have put up a very simple but effective Trader Test for Volatilty Management with these two videos.

The idea is simple…. Watch both 1 minute youtube clip and decide what type of trader you are….

Are you…. TRADER TYPE “A” ?

Nice video, hehehehe, OR Are you Trader Type B…..



What do you feel after watching the clips?

What Type of Trader are you?

Personally, I was a hard-core Trader Type A and im happy to say im more boring hehehhe, Trader Type B…

Tell me what you think?

What type of Trader are you under Volatility?

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Best of luck and See you at the Pits,


Bitcoin has died 139 times and counting

Bitcoin has died 139 times and counting

Great site from our friends at 99bitcoins, a collection of all the articles that have killed this technology, if you read some of the articles, an important question comes up, is that complete or partial Journalism or even paid. As most of the time, they don’t know or don’t want to show you the complete picture.

Happy trading,

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Snap 2017-07-09 at 17.31.29

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Great Trader Lessons – 20 Cognitive Biases that screw up your Decisions in Trading

Hi Traders,

Im new to the steem it world, here is my first test post

I would like to  share this great info-graph from Business Insider that talks about the 20 most common cognitive biases.


Trader Meme #1 – Trading Rules…!

Trader Meme #1 – Trading Rules…!


Trader Definition – ‘Momo Play’

Trader Definition – ‘Momo Play’

Definition of ‘Momo Play’

A slang term used to describe an advanced trading strategy based purely on momentum. In a momo play, the trader is not interested in the company’s fundamentals, only in the short-term direction of a security’s price movement. As such, momo plays are used solely by day traders, not by buy-and-hold investors.

Investopedia explains ‘Momo Play’

An example of a momo play is the five-minute forex momo trade, which is a fast trade based on identifying a momentum burst on five-minute charts. In this play, a forex trader tries to make money from an extension move but will exit the position as soon as it appears to be weakening in order to protect profits.