How much money do I make per hour? per second,minute?

How much money do I make per hour? per second,minute?


Time is Money!

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A Great way to start this year 2014 is asking yourself a very simple question…

How much money do I make per day, hour and even per second??

Doesn’t matter if it is your monthly wage, fixed income, sales,  clients , retail, trading portfolio, investments or a combination, this  is very simple online tool that can help you calculate your income per day, hour, minute and second! Also great for company revenues and many more applications !

Play around and enjoy! 

Simple yet powerful indicator!

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*Gross amount-  does not include costs.


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Results $1000 USD

Per Day – $32.88 USD   

Per Hour – $1.37 

Per Minute – $0.02

Try with your numbers…


Enjoy and play around! Dimitri Feria

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